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Water Works Museum Pavilion

Project: Water Works Museum Pavilion
Client: Aquatim SA
Location: Timisoara
Area: 548 sqm
Project team: SDAC studio, Electric Eye, Parsymonia
Responsibilities: design, civil engineering, building permits

Timisoara’s No. 1 Water Works is a milestone the city’s industrial heritage. When Timisoara was chosen as 2021 European Cultural Capital, one of the city’s main objectives in its cultural development strategies is defined by raising awareness of built heritage, rehabilitating and emphasizing it. In the same time, a better connection of the city to the national and international cultural dynamic is desired. Urban renewal through industrial conversion for culture has an important role in the city’s future development.

The museum ensemble is located in the southern part of Timisoara, inside the Nr. 1 Water Works. It consists of three existing buildings and a new pavilion for receiving guests.

The pavilion in the courtyard of the Timisoara’s No. 1 Water Works was designed as an access point to all the buildings of the Water Museum ensemble. The concept of gradually perceiving the existing heritage in the courtyard of the Museum generated its geometry. Inside visitors will find extensive resources needed to study water treatment, an information point, a coffee shop and a bookstore.

The area bordered by the Pavilion, the Deep Well Building, the Prefilter Station and the Pump Station becomes an exterior exhibition space, with alleys connecting the new and the existing buildings to the decorative pools and interactive water works, pedestrian platforms, and large scale exhibits.