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In traditional Africa, architecture is a social fact. Whoever needs to build a house first petitions the village which, generally, grants permission to build on a specific plot of land. First, it is important to underline that there is no need to pay for land in order to be able to live in the village and build a house surrounded by a small garden for growing food. This is considered a pure necessity.

Second, if you do build a house, you can’t do it alone. It’s a job that involves the village community: everyone participates.

Usually we use clay: the women take care of the water, the men mix it with clay and children help in their own way. Everyone takes part in the construction work. Those who can build straight walls become bricklayers and the others help as they can. Those who are unable build sit in to give advice. The elder warn: “Think of rain ….pay attention to the wind….orient it this way or that other ….”

So you can’t really say that there is a preconceived plan. The building process just happens. Architecture is defined through the construction process.

Diébeédo Francis Kéré