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New Millenium Reformed Center – The Concert Hall

Project: Concert hall
Client: New Millenium Reformed Center Timisoara
Location: Timisoara
Area: 251 sqm
Project team: Bata Tibor, Opeion Serv, Yurta, Boros Iosif, SDAC studio
Responsibilities: design, quality assurance

“A church can not be the product of the constancy of Aristotelian geometry but a drama that, as it unfolds, embodies and expresses change. This dynamism, filled with new life and constantly kept alive, calls for a new manifestation of the created world. It must accommodate itself to the rising and the setting sun, the male and female principles, the fixed and the moving stars, the animate and the inanimate materials of the earth.”

Imre Makovecz


The ensemble of The New Millenium Reformed Center is made up of 7 distinct parts, one of them being a concert hall. The work was based on plans by Imre Makovecz, the central figure of Hungarian organic architecture who created an eye catching trademark piece of architecture with unique appearance located on the Bega river bank in Timisoara.

The volume of the building resulted from an organic intersection of a circular shape [the concert hall itself] and a triangular shape [housing related spaces], appearing like a protruding bud ready to bloom from the outside.

Sprouting from pillars of reinforced concrete, the lattice wood roof is spread out over the concert hall like the canopy of the tree line around a clearing. The underlying concept was to build a unique and exceptional structure due to its own inner logic and clean static system, integrating the rational tendency of contemporary cultural architecture with more complex forms and structures in an innovative manner.

Our main objective was to design according to Imre Makovecz’s original plans, introducing current thermal and acoustic requirements, as well as adapting to the technologies at hand at the time of the build.